Millionaire dating with food(10)

Millionaire dating with food(10)

Food strategy to continue to attack. Do you like we introduce these food? If you have a favorite food, welcome to share with us.

Are you interested in food and travel?  Do you want to live in luxury hotels and tasted the food in the world? Then you come to the millionaire dating site, we will help you to match to your partner.

Seafood paella, Spain


This is an absolutely typical valencia dishes. This rice materials, not only have shrimp, lobster, mussels, but also cuttlefish and various herbs. To eat paella, you will feel full of the smell of the sea.

In the scenic beach, eating seafood paella, deserve to go up a glass of red wine, it was really a wonderful journey. Come to the millionaire dating sites, you can find your partner, come true a wonderful journey.

Potato chips, United States


Potato chips invented in New York, has experienced many years of development. Now, potato chips has become one of the children favorite food in the world. Some restaurants will also sell these American potato chips or cornflakes, also deserve to go up all kinds of sauce, with beer best! Potato chips is also one of my favorite food, do you like to eat potato chips?

Buttered popcorn, United States


You will feel very strange, why introduce popcorn? Popcorn is a very common food, almost every city has sold. The main snack when popcorn is American entertainment. The creamy taste sweet popcorn is the most delicious. Watching sports, going to the playground and the cinema will have a big popcorn.

Such a popular food all over the world, this is the reason why we introduce it.

The number of food in the world forever. Because of food, we can also make friends. Come to the millionaire dating site, you can find the common interest friends.



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