Millionaire dating with food(8)

Millionaire dating with food(8)

Rich people are living a life of luxury. Good food, travel, luxury hotels, all of these are part of their lives. If you travel to a country, be sure to taste the cuisine of the country.


The millionaire dating site, find your true love. Today, we will continue to introduce food from all over the world.

Marzipan, Germany



Authentic marzipan, raw material only ground almonds and sugar, producing method is very simple. This is a very common candy, a lot of places are sold, but rarely authentic marzipan. Children should be loved eating marzipan. Eat a big piece, be tempted and strip away the second piece of candy wrappers.



Stinky tofu, Southeast Asia


Stinky tofu, is one of the most representative food in southeast Asia. A lot of tourists to travel to southeast Asia countries, must try stinky tofu. Although this kind of food smells very smelly, the taste really good. After many tourists eating the food, all feel very surprised.

Do you amazed by this strange food? You must have a taste, it was a very memorable experience!

Buttered toast with Marmite, Britain


Buttered toast with Marmite is very delicious. This toast taste not like Japanese bread is so soft and sweet mouth. It is hard and a little sour. May be in different countries people have different tastes. This often also known as staple food bread toast. You can come to the   millionaire dating site, looking for someone with you have the same taste.

Food can conquer a man’s heart. In many countries are very meet experience to the person in the world. Such as: Canada, Italy, India, Thailand, etc.

Have you ever been to these countries travel? Have you eaten the food? If you are single, didn’t find the right partner to go trip. Welcome to the millionaire dating site, looking for your partner, open your gourmet tour!




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