Millionaire dating with food(7)

Millionaire dating with food(7)

Today we will continue to provide food for everyone from all over the world. Before, we introduced so much food, what have you eaten?


If you are interested in food or other things, welcome to millionaire dating site. Here looking for someone have the same hobby, is likely to be your partner in the future.

Maple syrup, Canada


Have you eaten pancakes with maple syrup? Eat pancakes must match is the maple syrup! In Canada, maple syrup is very useful, they may even put maple syrup in broccoli. They may be think, so do the children wouldn’t hate eating vegetables. Do you like the food? Come to  millionaire dating site to find your partner!

Chicken parm, Australia


Before, we introduced the parma ham, this is a very important food. Now, we continue to introduce Chicken parm. This chicken is very unique. It is very strict with every process of production. Cheese, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, stir to mix. Wow! I saw the pictures are already very want to eat chicken.  You must be very want to come to a millionaire dating website, looking for a person who love food to taste the chicken with you.

French toast, Hong Kong


French toast is a lot of restaurants have a snack. Have a best way is: take two slices of toast, with peanut butter or curry coconut sauce on it, and then dip it in egg batter and Fried with cream, and then apply some cream or sugar. This food looks may not have other food so tempting, but its taste is very good!

If we will let you choose food and beauty at the same time, you must be hard to make a decision. It come to the millionaire dating site, can help you to solve these problems.




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