Millionaire dating with food(6)


Millionaire dating with food(6)

Eat food is always not enough. And love to travel around the world, to eat food all over the world, it was the most happy thing. If you still worry about without lover, will you come to the millionaire dating site. Looking for a person with the same interest with you, may be a sexy girl or rich man, go to travel around the world. It will make your journey no longer lonely.

Facing the food and sexy beauty, who would you choose?

Goi cuon (summer roll), Vietnam


This kind of food with pork, shrimp, vanilla, rice flour and other ingredients make it. Eat this food, refreshing vanilla flavor is full of your mouth. This simple food production, very health, let a person also want to eat.

Parma ham, Italy


Parma ham is one of the world’s most famous prosciutto, its colour and lustre were, like a pink rose, fat distribution even, in the soft palate to ham. Authentic Italian restaurants all over the world, there is supply of parma ham. Can provide the high quality of parma ham, is to become a restaurant with a good quality evaluation standard.

But food all over the world, nothing beats a forever lover, so come to millionaire dating site.

Ankimo, Japan

Ankimo how to eat is very unique: put some grated radish, beside will eat together. Because the Japanese locals eat it. Japanese’s food has a lot of, before, we introduced the Japanese sushi and the steak, is also very delicious food. But this kind of food components are very few, can you eat satisfied?

We just so much to introduce food today, tomorrow will continue to introduce. If you are single and looking for a person to accompany you to travel, to go to taste the food with you. Come to the millionaire dating sites, this is the quickest and the best way to help you find the partner.


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