Millionaire dating with food(5)

Millionaire dating with food(5)


Food has inseparable connection with friends. Everyone loves food, we are looking for food journey, also know many friends have the same hobby. We introduced so much food from all over the world, what have you eaten? Today, our gourmet tour will continue. The millionaire dating site also hope you will join us at any time.

Fajitas, Mexico

Fajitas, Mexico is a very common food, it is simple of the way. It reasonable collocation, nutritionally complete, a Fajitas is a perfect lunch, so very popular with people.

Montreal-style smoked meat, Canada


See Montreal – style smoked meat, do you want to have a taste? Pictures of the food is enough to attract people. Each person’s home almost all have smoked meat, though it is so common, it tastes very good. It represents the feeling of home. Montreal-style smoked meat was rated as one of the most delicious food in the world. See these food, you should think of go to the millionaire dating site.

Pho, Vietnam

Pho is a kind of snacks. This kind of food is quite common on the streets of Vietnam. This kind of food is very popular among young people, I think children should also like to eat. Pho, Vietnam there are two important parts: is soup and dipping sauce. Pho fresh and not greasy, it is a kind of suitable for food to eat any time. If you travel to Vietnam, be sure to have a taste of pho,Vietnam.

Ohmi-gyu beef steak, Japan

Before, we introduced the Japanese sushi, the sushi is a kind of convenient food. The Ohmi-gyu beef steak is very famous in the world. In fact, every country has a steak, why the  Ohmi-gyu beef steak is the most delicious in the world? If you have a chance to go to Japan, must go to taste the steak.

Too much food in the world, and we will continue to introduce. If you are single, don’t want to a person alone, welcome to the millionaire dating site.



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